Passionately discover and appreciate the vibrant tapestry of our cultural heritage, stories and the racial and religious harmony of Singapore in an interesting and engaging way.



Take part in meaningful games, thought-provoking discussions and hands-on activities and make new friends from all around the globe in this memorable journey of learning and interaction.



Immerse yourself and become part of the rich and dynamic culture of Singapore, through promoting transcultural understanding and awareness.



Transform the lives of others and yourself with spin-off community involvement projects. You too can make a difference in embracing our transcultural diversity in Singapore and the World!

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Exciting Lead-Up Programmes!

Heritage on Move

8th, 15th, 22nd and 29th June, 2013

Heritage on the Move takes its participants on an exciting learning adventure to rediscover the vibrant tapestry of Singapore’s cultural heritage.

Featuring a kick-scooter and cycling race around numerous heritage sites, Heritage on the Move actively engages youths from different ethnicity and nationalities in an interactive and fun-filled approach, through encouraging them to work together cohesively to overcome obstacles related to food, history and culture nuances.


When: 6th to 8th June, 2013

Youth Leadership Apprenticeship Internationalisation Programme (YLAP) is a fun-filled initiative by the youths, for the youths to nurture invaluable character and leadership values of teamwork, trust and compassion among local and global youths, new immigrants and foreigners, into becoming leaders of tomorrow.

Featuring a series of youth leadership camps and internationally-certified experiential learning activities such as Leave No Trace Outdoor Ethics and The Student Leadership Challenge ®, YLAP is specially designed to engage, empower and equip youths holistically, with a proactive attitude towards embracing and appreciating the cultural, racial and personal differences of each other.

Youth leaders will discover the importance of working as a team together with their peers of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds towards a common goal, trusting others and developing positive qualities such as cross-cultural understanding, open-mindedness and inclusiveness, which will better prepare them as world-ready leaders for the increasingly global community and societal environment ahead. 


Limit Break Trail

When: 28th to 30th May, 2013

Limit Break Trail – A Walk of Resilience takes local and global youths, new immigrants and foreigners in an arduous but rewarding journey of fortitude across the various cultural and heritage landmarks of Singapore.

The Limit Break Trail hopes to imbue important character and leadership values to unleash the latent potential of each and every individual, in setting aside their differences and working together as a team in times of difficulties.

Featuring a 120 kilometres long-distance walk filled with challenging experiential learning activities over 2 days, the Limit Break Trail aims to cultivate a strong sense of perseverance, determination, teamwork and resilience among the youths of different ethnicity and nationalities, in overcoming obstacles related to food, history, local cultural arts and performances of our very own Singaporean way of life. 

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